Mt. Ishigaki


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God of Mt. San, The ancient Ainu battlefield

Mt. Ishigaki is a 525 meter-tall rock-climbing paradise made of strangely shaped rocks and boulders of columnar jointing (joints that form when lava cools and hardens) exposed by erosion of the Ishikari River. Once known as Mt. San, it was said to be the home of San Kor Kamuy, a god whose thunderous roar had the power to scare away disease. This area is also remembered as a legendary Ainu battlefield, and the remains of trenches as well as artifacts such as Jomon-period pottery and arrowheads have been excavated from here. In more recent history, there are also accounts of this area from Takeshiro Matsuura, Rinzo Mamiya and other explorers from the end of the Edo period (mid 1800s).

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Mt. Ishigaki