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Visit the Daisetsu Kogen swamp, colored leaves of Ezo swamp

Ainu traditional dance

Autumn leaves of Daisetsuzan

About This Japan Heritagee

Cultures and traditions of Japan are passed down through stories that relate to regional historical charms and unique features. The Agency for Cultural Affairs recognizes these stories as Japan Heritages and promotes the comprehensive utilization of these attractive tangible and intangible cultural properties.

Designated as a Japan Heritage in FY 2018

The Kamikawa Ainu have lived amidst a beautiful but harsh natural environment in the foothills of the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range in harmony with the gods, known as kamuy in the Ainu language. They have passed down legends of a battle between a demon and a heroic god at the gorges here, which are characterized by raging torrents and oddly shaped rocks. The Ainu reconstructed villages (kotan) of houses thatched with dwarf bamboo in their sacred places and continue to offer prayers to the gods.

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21 Cultural Properties Comprising This Japan Heritage

The story consists of 21 cultural properties, including the Kamikawa Ainu, who have lived in harmony with kamuy; Kamuy Kotan (the village of the gods); Mt. Arashiyama (Cinomisir), a sacred place for the Kamikawa Ainu; the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range, the playground of the gods (Kamuy Mintar); and the lives of people living in harmony with kamuy.